Howey Horse Haven Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit organization, located in Howey In The Hills, Lake County, Florida. HHHR is dedicated to the rehabilitation of abused, neglected and unwanted/unloved horses. We provide proper nutrition, medical and wound care, farrier, dental services and a safe haven for these beautiful horses to recover from their former situation.

Howey Horse Haven Rescue is also a sanctuary for horses that are in their golden years, have continual medical needs or behavioral issues.

​All horses that enter the gates of HHHR are on their journey to a new beginning!

Our Mission:
Howey Horse Haven Rescue is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of abused and neglected horses, ponies and donkeys. HHHR provides a safe environment, proper food & nutrition, medical, farrier, dental care, and lots of love. We strive daily to give all the horses that enter our lives a much deserved second chance at life and ultimately place them with adopters who can provide them with permanent, loving homes, where they will never feel hunger or pain again. Howey Horse Haven Rescue 100% volunteer operated and relies solely on public support and donations.

Howey Horse Haven Rescue

Where Second Chances Really Do Come True

Operating a horse rescue is a huge commitment. The responsible for the daily care of the rescue horses, and have reliable caring volunteers available if you aren't. In addition, rescue horses often need more special care, sometimes having to be fed up to five times a day or have medications administered by yourself or a veterinarian.

Howey Horse Haven Rescue feels even if you're only able to rescue two or three horses at a time, those are still two or three lives that you're saving from abuse, neglect, or slaughter.

Financially, Howey Horse Haven Rescue and most other rescues rely 100% on donations and public support to help us, help the horses in need. Most of the rescue horses that come in to our facility are in need of medical attention right away and those cost can add up quickly depending on the horse’s health.

Please take your time exploring our site, getting to know us, and most importantly getting to know the animals.  The rescue horses are the foundation of our mission of compassion.