There they were again, two sad, little heads poking through the fence boards on a futile search for food. The little heads that they could barely lift held such large, sad eyes. They had been abandoned and the neighbors had been trying to get in contact with the owners, with animal control, with anyone who would listen. You can’t look at suffering like that and do nothing, but it would take the founding of Howey Horse Haven Rescue to get the ponies to safety.

After contacting the owners and getting the two relinquished to us, they officially set us off on our journey as HHHR on May 13th, 2013. Bocephus and Walktosha were our first intakes and remain a part of our beloved herd of sanctuary horses. We have rescued over 70 equines and helped many others find homes through rigorous networking.

Howey Horse Haven Rescue

Where Second Chances Really Do Come True

​​​​​​Howey Horse Haven Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit organization, located in Howey In The Hills, Lake County, Florida. We are 100% volunteer operated and rely solely on public's generosity, through feed, hay, monetary donations, volunterism, and prayers. 

To volunteer with us, please fill out the volunteer release form and bring it with you on your arrival, we are open on the 2nd & 4th Saturdays of every month from 8 am to 4 pm (check out our Facebook page for consistent updates). Visitor hours for tours are 1 pm-4 pm.

Please be aware that we are not a riding facility nor is previous equine experience required, we work on the ground to build trust and respect with these formerly abused, neglected, and often elderly equines.

HHHR is dedicated to the rehabilitation of abused, neglected, and unwanted/unloved horses, ponies, and donkeys. We provide proper nutrition, medical, farrier and dental care, and, foremost, a safe haven for these beautiful horses to recover from their former situation. We strive daily to give all our rescues a much deserved second chance at life and ultimately place them with adopters who can provide them with permanent, loving homes, where they will never feel hunger or pain again. 

As a haven and a home, we are a sanctuary for equines in their golden years, those that have continual medical needs, and those with behavioral issues.

​All horses that enter the gates of HHHR are on their journey to a new beginning!