​​​All of our horses have been saved from neglectful situations and often from serious cases of abuse. Abused horses are like abused children, they trust no one and expect the worst. But patience, leadership, and compassion can help them overcome their pasts. While it is our goal is to find a forever home for each horse and pony, not all of them are ready for adoption and some will remain apart of our sanctuary herd. 
You can help sponsor a rescued horse at Howey Horse Haven Rescue. Your sponsorship helps with the feeding, veterinary needs, farrier service, emergency needs and general care for the rescue horses. You may choose a particular horse to sponsor or your sponsorship could be shared among all the horses.  Please contact us for additional information on how you can get involved and make a difference in the life of a horse!

To volunteer with us, please fill out the volunteer release form and bring it with you on your arrival (no previous contact required), we are open most Saturdays from 8 am to 2 pm (check out our Facebook page for consistent updates). 
Please be aware that we are not a riding facility nor is previous equine experience required, we work on the ground to build trust and respect with these formerly abused, neglected, and often elderly equines.

​These horses are the reason for, and the foundation of, our rescue. Every one of them has a story that will break your heart, but they are living proof of a battle conquered. These wonderful warriors are the reason we keep fighting, and the public's generous spirit is the reason why we are able to keep saving lives.
​To learn more about each of our horses, please visit their individual pages.

​Our Horses