Molly is 4 yrs old. She has not been handled much, poor little girl is scared to death. Molly is beginning to come around and realize humans are pretty cool to hang out with. 

​Available for sponsor to adopt.

Dixie is the momma mare of Pudge and came in with Hopper, Shiloh, and Gypsy.  She can be a little skittish as the whole group was untouched by anyone for a year. Dixie is looking for her very own person to spoil her rotten the rest of her days.  

​Adoption donation $400



To ensure all our rescues have stable mates, we require adoption contracts. Please check them out below if you're interested in placing our horses forever in your home and in your heart.

​Cricket is a senior mini mare that joined HHHR March 2018 as an owner relinquishment. She is one of the worst cases of abuse and neglect we have seen on a mini. Cricket can barely walk and is extremely emaciated. This little girl has a light in her eyes that will break your heart. Her amazing foster family in Ocala are giving her a fighting second chance for survival. Stay tuned for updates on this special little mare that has touched all of our souls. 

​Please consider donating to the rehabilitation for Cricket. She has a long road to recovery.






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Athena is approx. 1 yr old filly. This poor girl has not had an easy start to life. Athena has a long recovery ahead of her. Please consider donating to Athena's medical needs at the link below. Thank you for your prayers, support & donations. Without you, we can't help Athena.

Mia is 8 yrs . Arrived 4/21/18 She is a very sweet little mare that is pretty skinny. Mia will remain in rehab until her nutritional needs are met.

​Available for sponsor to adopt. 

Please be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page as we constantly network many other horses.


Many have the mistaken view that horses in need are old, sick, dangerous, or ugly. This is not the case, many are young, smart, and capable of amazing lives. They simply ended up in the wrong hands or their owners have fallen on hard times.

Missy is 12 yrs old. Arrived 4/21/18. Very laid back, in your pocket pony. Missy will remain in rehab until her nutritional needs are met.

​Available for sponsor to adopt.

Huckleberry is approx. 2 yr old mini donkey. He is a fiesty little guy that came in with Colt Feb. 2018 as an owner relinquishment. We had Huckleberry gelded recently, much to his dismay!  Huckleberry is currently in training at our Ocala facility and is looking for an experienced friend to understand his quirks.

​Adoption donation $400

Gypsy is 13 yrs old, mini mare who came in with 5 other minis.  She is a beautiful, flashy grulla that is rare in minis. Gypsy is a sweet little girl that is looking for her very own home.

Adoption donation $400