Bo and Walker were our first intakes, and part of their story resides on our home page. They started us off on our journey as HHHR, they were abandoned by their owners and left to starve. Luckily, we were able to contact them and get them relinquished into our care.  Bo has hip problems and his stifles often stick. However, his personality has won him the hearts of the public and the mares, whom he still pines for despite his gelded state. His charm and charisma makes him our influential PR representative and he attends many of our events.

One of the aspects of being a rescue that few people understand, is that we cannot simply walk on a property and rescue an abused or neglected animal. Nor do we have an all-knowing radar that tells us when and where an animal is in need. Part of the responsibility that is born by living in this world, is the need to speak up in the face cruelty. The public must help us and speak up so we can help you help those who cannot speak for themselves.

He looks forward to you visiting and hopes you will consider sponsoring him or donating so that HHHR can continue to rescue more abused and neglected equines!

Bocephus a.k.a. Bo