Horses teach us partnership

The bond between horse and human is an amazing feeling like none other! A horse can become your best friend and confidant..a true partner!

Horses teach us respect

Horses are large, very powerful animals! The horses have to behave respectfully or they can hurt us easily, in turn we have to treat the rescue horses and ponies with just as much respect. You have to give respect to get respect

Horses teach us patience

When working with an animal that has came from an abusive situation, they are afraid, skittish and have no trust in humans at all. You have to have patience, go slowly and communicate for them to understand that you aren't going to hurt them.

Horses teach us leadership

Horses have a pecking order in the herd. There is one horse that is the leader of the herd, on down to the bottom horse. When working with horses, the human has to establish leadership of the herd  or the lead horse most certainly will.

Horses teach us communication

Horses can't speak. You have to learn how to communicate with an animal that has no idea what you want. You have to learn to properly use body language to "talk" to a horse.

There is something about the outside of a horse, that is good for the inside of a man.

-Sir Winston Churchill

Horses teach us self-confidence

​​Horses can be pushy, bossy and sometimes dangerous. You have to have the courage and  have confidence  in yourself to move a 1000 lb. animal out of your personal space.

Horses teach us responsibility

The rescue horses' lives are in our hands. Horses, like any other animal, rely on us to feed and water them, for daily routine care and grooming. We also have to make sure they receive routine farrier, dental, veterinary care, immunizations and regular worming. Horses rely on us to be responsible to ensure their well-being and safety. 

​​​I grew up in an extremely abusive home, but I was fortunate enough for my family to bring horses into my life. They were, and are, my sanctuary. There is this thing about horses, they get into your blood; they stay running in your dreams forever. Even when I am eighty years old in my wheelchair, I know I will be fortunate enough to still be dreaming about these guardian angels. For me, I cannot stand to see a horse in need. They are my rescuers and, as they are to so many others, the essence of freedom. We rescue them, but the truth is, they save us every day. Rescuing horses is not just a passion, but necessary to our survival.

Here at Howey Horse Haven Rescue, we believe in the innate power of healing that horses possess. Whether it’s bullying at school or a stressful day at work, no matter your age, no matter your background, you and your loved ones can benefit from the sacred power of a horse. Many people turn to the drink or to drugs or have little ticks that help relieve their anxiety and stress, but for me, it’s my hands on a horse.

Howey Horse Haven Rescue's volunteer program lets us learn directly from the rescue horses, they teach us how to conquer our own struggles. As the horses heal, so do we. Horses teach us responsibility, self-confidence, self-worth, communication, leadership, patience, respect, humility, perseverance, teamwork and partnership

To volunteer with us, please fill out the volunteer release form and bring it with you on your arrival, we are open the 2nd & 4th Saturdays from 8 am to 4 pm (check out our Facebook page for consistent updates).

Please be aware that we are not a riding facility, we work on the ground to build trust and respect with these formerly abused, neglected, and often elderly equines. 

Hands Helping Hooves,

Hooves Helping Hands