Many people aren't aware of the expenses that are involved with running a horse rescue, most don't even realize that such a problem exists in the capacity and proximity that it does. The truth is, animal abuse and neglect is everywhere, the ASPCA addresses a part of that problem as do county animal services. However, many of the horses we take in come from Lake County Animal Services, we are the lesser known but still extremely active part of the community that takes initiative. We address problems that many people don't like to know about. We more than speak up, we take action. 

Like a business, we rely on public support, whether it’s volunteers or donations. In our case, it’s a more extreme reliance, we don’t give them a product for their money, we exist solely because of human altruism for the benefit of the horses. Every donation counts, every donation means not only that we’ll be able to exist, but it is also a sign that our reach is extending. We love connecting with more people, it means that we are able to save the lives of more horses. 

To help us manage our monetary costs, please donate and visit our Sponsorship page.

Average Monthly Costs per Horse:

Dewormers: $4

Farrier: $15

Shots and Coggins: $15

Salt Blocks: $10

Feed: $80 (regular)/ $40 (mini horse)

Hay: $195

Teeth/Dental: $12

Chiropractor: $24

Miscellanous: $100 

     (Supplements, Emergency, Fly Spray, Alfalfa Cubes)

On average, an easy keeping mini is about $100 per month and $250-$300 per month for an average horse.

The Costs of Running a Rescue