Ivy a.k.a. Itchy Ivy

When  this loving girl came to us in October of 2016, we were told that she was blind in one eye. When she got here and we laid eyes on her painful ones, the woman told us the other eye had a pus pocket in it, but was healthily draining on it's own with no need for medical care. We called the vet that night, for what was an obvious medical emergency. Our vet told us both of her eyes were severely ulcerated and we had about a 35% chance of saving any of her vision at all.

What was once an easy fix in the hands of a neglectful owner, had become a raging battle for sight and her quality of life.

Despite our rigorous, around the clock treatment, we were unable to save Ivy's sight.

​Like most of our wonderful rescues, we don't know her background, but we can venture some guesses. We most often see her pacing out perfect circles, round and round, constantly, as if what she used to be was only a pretty merry-go-round pony. Ivy  resides with two other miniature ponies, Orie and DJ, who came in on the same day and help her through her daily challenges. These guiding angels are a God-send, and help keep her from the darkness of depression. The beautiful mini can't see us, but she loves like she can only see the best of us.

1/28/17 she was out of sorts, pacing strange, tiny circles, reacting in a hypersensitive manner to sound, and worst of all, no longer able to keep her balance, no longer remembering the layout of her home. She kept falling, kept trying to walk but being unable to. Her seeing-eye angels huddled in the corners, like she had left home and they knew it. She was no longer our sweet, itchy Ivy, she was no longer able to live a pain-free and happy life. Our vet told us it was likely a neurological issue, she may have had a stroke or could be susceptible to seizures, but there were no more roads for us to take.

Because of the danger Ivy posed to herself, and with no other options, we were forced to make the decision no one ever wants to. Ivy is now comfortable, watching over her seeing-eye angels as they once watched over her. While we will all miss her, and she will forever represent the pain created by negligent owners, she is now galloping the fields on the far side of the rainbow bridge.