Pudge is a dwarfed mini pony who is a little over a year by his teeth. He came in with 4 other minis, one of which is his mom, Dixie. He was untouched by anyone until being brought to us. Pudge was cryptorchid but he recently was gelded during a successful surgery. Due to his neglect, he never had any vet or farrier care before coming to us. His feet are severely over grown and need intensive farrier care and corrective, specialty shoeing. 

Pudge is still in rehab at our Ocala facility but is set to become an ambassador of HHHR. This means he will become certified as a therapy horse and will visit schools, nursing homes, and hospitals to share his story and his love.


We are thankful to the generous donors who have made Pudge's extensive rehabilitation possible.‚Äč