​Sanctuary horses are those that will never leave us. Whether they are elders, have medical or behavioral issues, they are the ones we serve as both haven and forever home. While we will give adoptive consideration to a select few given special circumstances, these equines will otherwise be with us until they cross the Rainbow Bridge. We strive to save as many lives as possible and those that are able to be adopted out, often find their homes quickly after rehabilitation.

When you visit us, these are the equines that you will always see, these are the ones that serve in our equine therapy program. The consistency of these horses and the knowledge that they will never leave is important to our volunteers, even if the horses do require a lot of daily responsibility. Because these horses are a constant in a world that is far too liable to change in new and anxiety-inducing ways, you can count on their love and their presence to help you overcome your battles.

Please come by and fall in love.

Sanctuary Horses